Milan Beran and David Kadera

The sexy, long-haired, muscle guy David Kadera is out in the garden for a photoshoot. He shows off his beautiful body, as he works through a series of poses, under the photographer’s direction. When it is all over the photographer tells David to fetch his friend, Milan Beran. Milan is wearing only a towel and David joins him, handing him some oil. As Milan is about to oil his chest David offers to help. His hands rub the oil over Milans chest, and soon David is kissing on that sexy chest and then on Milan’s lips. Milan’s cock gets rock hard from all the attention, and David pulls the towel aside, so that he can suck on the huge erection. His mouth encloses the cock and David sucks it before kissing Milan again. Then David stands and drops his underwear, releasing his own stiff cock, which Milan eageraly takes in his mouth. He sucks on the cock, being aubibly encouraged by David. David then drops back to his knees for another taste of Milan’s cock . That monster dick is so hard and David loves it. Milan lifts his legs in the air, making his ass available with David lapping at the hole. He also sucks on Milan’s beg balls and he rims and wanks. David then offers up his hot hole to that big cock and Milan accepts, sliding his pole deep inside. He fucks that ass nice and deep as both guys moan with pleasure. That big cock really stretches David’s hole and keeps his own cock nice and hard. David turns over, onto his back, legs up, for Milan to pound his ass some more. As Milan fucks him David wanks his own cock, moaning loudly as he unloads his creamy cum onto his belly. Milan continues to fuck that hot ass until he is ready to cum too. He pulls out and quickly dumps his cum over David too.

Gay Bareback

Date: August 9, 2015

Muscle Bear Porn

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