Next Door Raw
Next Door Raw

Let’s Flip for It – Part 2


In Part 2, it’s Armond Rizzo’s turn to get fucked and filled with piss. Lukas Cipriani plunges his fat cock deep into Armond’s tight hole, pausing for a moment to empty his bladder. When he pulls his cock out, piss comes spraying out of Armond’s ass, all over Lukas’ cock. After a good fucking, Armond wants to be on top again. He fucks Lukas hard and deep, ’til Lukas blows his load. Armand scoops up Lukas’ cum and spreads it all over his cock. He then shoves his dick deep into Lukas and blows his own man spunk deep inside Lukas.

Gay Bareback

Date: September 27, 2015

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