Slow & Deep

You know you’re “in” the right place when you hear Nick Moretti tell Patrick O’Connor, “boy, that tastes good.” As a supreme bottom, Patrick is on all fours with his tail in the air, as Nick feasts “deeply.” Both then take some time to lick the front ends of one another. Once the pair “lock horns,” and 69, it’s time for Nick to put it “where the sun don’t shine,” and the reason Patrick likes to “howl.” Slow and deep, Nick’s all in as Patrick feels every inch. Patrick then takes control as he fucks himself; “yeah, just use that fuckin’ dick” moans Nick. Cumming while pounding the bottom’s hole, Nick tells the boy to, “push it out,” before he allows Patrick to blow. Nick then licks and shares with Patrick the “fluids” of their pairing

Gay Bareback

Date: September 27, 2015

Muscle Bear Porn

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