Breeding Marcus Isaacs

The best bareback porn with Marcus Isaacs! Following in the footsteps of Mike O’Neill, Billy Wild, Dawson, Christian and Ian Jay, Marcus Isaacs joins the upper echelon of Treasure Island Media’s elite corps of cum insatiable power bottoms. When Sohl first met Isaacs, he “fell in love with him instantly. The thought of getting bred gave him an immediate hard on [so] it was only a matter of time: BREEDING MARCUS ISAACS was just waiting to happen.” Isaacs made his porn debut with Treasure Island Media in 2012 on Sohl says BREEDING MARCUS ISAACS could have been called “Marcus’ 20 Load Weekend,” except that it wasn’t shot in one weekend. It does, however, include all day fuck fest planned to coincide with NYC’s Black Party. Along the way Isaacs was filmed with the incredible Australian horndog Flynn Evans, Erik Grant, Antonio Biaggi, Rafael Carreras, Ray Dalton, CutlerX, Adam Russo, Shane Frost, Sean Parker, Champ Robinson, Rob Yaeger and so many more.

Gay Bareback

Date: February 24, 2016

Muscle Bear Porn

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