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Mathias Plows Luke Reed’s Cum Hole

Power raw top Mathias feeds Luke Reed’s hole massive load of cum. Well sucked of by Luke, Mathias is rock hard at the site of Luke’s perfect, young ass, and he lets Luke have control as he sits down to let him take a ride. Luke strokes his cock as he bounces on Mathias’ cock. It feels so good that they lose all track of time.

Mathias Plows Luke Reed's Cum Hole

Suddenly they realize how late it’s getting, so Mathias throws Luke on his back and tells him to hurry. Mathias fucks him hard as Luke strokes his load all over himself, spitting up a puddle that drips down the side of his stomach as Mathias pulls out and unloads all over Luke’s hole. As Luke lay there, covered in cum, Mathias tells him he has to hurry back to work, but that he’ll be back soon enough.

Date: May 28, 2018
Actors: Luke Reed / Mathias

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