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Casey Everett Rides Marcus Ruhl’s Raw Dick

Marcus Ruhl speeds down the two-lane blacktop in a fine white muscle car, and pulls over to pick up a lean young hitchhiker. In a dreamy sequence, Casey the hitchhiker is wandering down the desert road and the muscle car is doing spinouts in the dust. Back in the real world, Marcus veers off the road and Casey and he step outside and make out. As they kiss, both studs fondle each other’s well-packed crotches and unbutton jeans. Casey falls to his knees and worships Marcus’ thick uncut meat, grabbing behind his knees to pull closer. Casey sprawls across the hood of the car and gets a quick suck from Marcus, then they hit the road “back to the ranch”.

Inside the Old West cottage they hump with clothes still on, then Casey strips off his jeans and shows his fine round ass. Marcus rubs a finger into the hole, spitting to add a bit of lubrication. Finger fucking the young stud, he jacks Casey’s dick simultaneously while Casey moans for more. Marcus pulls Casey into a rough, beard-stubbled kiss then strips him down for fucking. Casey’s tight ass muscles ripple and clench in anticipation. Marcus pumps in deep, Casey meeting every thrust with an equal push back. The two studs tangle tough and hard, and Casey’s abs tighten up as he’s pummeled full of dick. Marcus pulls out and spurts on Casey’s twitching prick. Casey kisses his hot fuck bud and thanks him for the lift.

Date: December 17, 2018

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