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Raw Fuck Club
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Dominic Pacifico Barebacks Cesar Xes


Latin super stud Cesar Xes gets barebacked by Dominic Pacifico. Cesar Xes starts moaning and Dominic verbally misuses him for getting a charge out of the horrendous treatment. “Nobody cums around here anyway me. I’m the fucking law around here!” he cries. All Cesar can do is cry “Thank you, sir…” Officer Dominic Pacifico regards the dull red indicates his collect left on Cesar’s fragile ass, by then fingers and licks the hole. Giggling twistedly, Dominic drops trou and keeps only his gun belt as he crushes his dick in. Cesar pants and groans with a mix of torment and absurd euphoria, as the merciless individual fidgets his contacts and pounds in harder. He frees Cesar from the tight sleeves just to make him lick his boots and the ass crush off his smooth cock.

Date: June 10, 2019

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