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Tyler Reed Pounds Michael Roman

Tyler Reed and Michael Roman were lying in bed in the wake of a difficult day on set anyway Michael was as yet a horny whore and needed more. He continued jabbing the bear and he at long last got a response and before he knew it his face was planted solidly in Tyler’s groin with his thick daddy cock at the back of his throat. It didn’t take long for Michael to understood that Tyler was going hard and fast and push his thick cock into his whore hole raw and start control fucking it. With 275lbs of push, Michael felt each inch and his hole simply become a free passage. He, at last, surrendered and let Tyler have his way with him, after all, he was utilized to be a fucking skank for anybody on the off chance that he got seeded and treated like a bareback whore!

Date: November 16, 2019

Muscle Bear Porn

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