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Brodie Ramirez Gets Banged By Mason Lear

In this first episode of Dominic Pacifico’s “Roll Hard – Alley Bang”, gay skaters Brodie Ramirez and Mason Lear fuck raw and hard. Mason bangs Brodie in different positions until both of them cum.

Those horny hoodlums on wheels of ROLL HARD are back to grind their gonads in a dark bareback alley. Muscle thug gang leader Brodie Ramirez kneads Mason Lear’s swollen crotch and drops to his knees to get a gagging mouthful of thick juicy cock. While Brodie twiddles his nip piercings, Mason deepthroats the mean skater boss. He turns Brodie around and plasters his mouth across Brodie’s cockstarved ass.

Date: December 9, 2019

Muscle Bear Porn

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