Sage Daniels and Chip Young

Chip Young loves a good glory hole session, especially when a big, thick cock comes through it. He worked his throat to take the whole rod, only to be left gasping for air. After pulling away, he spit all the extra saliva over the cock. Chip noticed that not only was this dick big, but it had a big set of balls to go with it. The cock then pulled back out of the hole and Chip heard the door being fumbled to be opened. He rushed out to see who it was. And who came out of door number two? None other than Sage Daniels! They quickly grabbed each other and shoved each other’s tongues in their mouths. Kissing passionately, and rubbing against each other, their cocks throbbed with excitement. Sage’s cock and Chip’s hole were finally ready. Sage bent Chip over a swing, and thrust his cock deep into Chip’s hole. It quickly loosened to take the large cock! Sage wasn’t satisfied, though. His cock wasn’t going deep enough in that fat ass. So he turned Chip over and threw his legs into the air. Sage’s cock sunk all the way to the base and he pounded away, hitting just the right spot until both were satisfied with the sticky mess Chip had become.

Gay Bareback

Date: March 5, 2016

Muscle Bear Porn

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