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Chad Brock, Slate Dickman and Jessie Balboa

Chad Brock is enjoying a hot summer day by catching some rays by the pool. He is joined by Slate Dickman and Brazilian stud Jessie Balboa. Chad tells Slate he’s thirsty for some piss, so Slate quenches that thirst with some piss from his big black cock. Jessie has some piss for Chad, too, and Chad greedily drinks it from the tip of Jessie’s gay bareback dick. Chad goes inside to cool off in the shower. Chad starts reminiscing about the piss party he just had by the pool and proceeds to jerk off.

Gay Bareback

He then hears some moaning and groaning coming from the other room and goes to investigate. He finds Jessie in the fuck sling getting plowed by Slate’s huge black cock. Chad joins in the fun, rimming Slate’s perfect round ass while Slate pounds his cock deeper into Jessie. Chad takes a turn on Jessie’s sweet hole, fucking him so deep that he pushes more piss out of Jessie’s full bladder. They share the piss with each other, licking and sucking it off each other’s bodies. Slate takes back over fucking Jessie’s wet, piss soaked gay bareback hole. He then rewards the bottom pig with a huge load of man cum that he pushes deep into Jessie’s ass. Jessie goes home happy with an ass full of cum and smelling like piss.

Date: October 3, 2017

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