Next Door Raw

Aron Kronos Raw Pounding Chris Taylor


In this gay fuck session, Aron Kronos is raw pounding Chris Taylor. Aron Kronos is ready and waiting to see what Chris Taylor has in store for him as they push their lips together, their hands exploring each other as they pull off their clothes and kiss harder. They stand up from the bed and Chris places gentle kisses down Aron’s chest and abs, nibbling at his sensitive skin and then pulling his underwear down to reveal that big dick. Chris takes it in his mouth, teasing the tip with his soft lips before sucking it, his whole mouth down around Aron’s shaft as he deepthroats it.

Raw Pounding

Chris rises up from his knees and meets Aron’s mouth, making out more before he lies back on the bed and receives oral from Aron who eagerly sucks his dick, swinging his legs around to 69 with Chris as they get both get harder. When they’re ready to fuck, Chris bends over doggy style and lets Aron bury that bareback dick in his tight hole, going balls deep as he fills Chris’s ass with his pulsing cock. Aron pounds him harder and faster, pulling Chris’s hair and slapping that ass as he fucks him raw and deep, clearly enjoying the feeling of Chris’s tight entrance around his thick shaft. Chris turns onto his back and spreads his legs wider as Aron wraps a hand around his neck and dominates that ass until both guys come hard and Aron leans in for a taste of that sweet cum!

Date: April 18, 2018

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