Next Door Raw

Josh Stone Breeds Alex Hawk


In this Bareback That Hole video, Josh Stone breeds Alex Hawk raw. Alex Hawk has things on his mind, things that have been brewing for a while, now. You can see and feel the angst on his face and, as he lingers just outside his home as if questioning what he’s about to do, there almost seems to be a heaviness to him. What the hell is happening? How can he…? And what if…? How is he supposed to…? In this confused state, Alex walks inside. Josh Stone greets him with a kiss and a glass of wine. After all, the work day is over and it’s time to unwind. But first, there are more important things.

Josh Stone Breeds Alex Hawk

Like slow, sloppy kissing that leads to mutual, deep throat cock sucking. And it is SO good! You can just about feel their oral skills on your own cock as they work on each other, working towards the best part of sex: raw throbbing cock in pulsating, hungry fuck hole. Josh bareback fucks Alex right there, on the table, taking his sweet time as they both satisfy their lustful urges. Except Alex has an unexpected surprise for Josh!

Date: May 3, 2018
Actors: Alex Hawk / Josh Stone

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