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Markie More Rides Ricky Ridges’ Bare Meat


Markie More used to top but this time he can’t resist to bottom for Next Door Studios’ new super model Ricky Ridges. Ricky ridges has very big cock. He also loves bareback so he’s for sure the perfect member of our raw team. Markie bends over and gives Ricky his sweet ass, and Ricky proves up to the challenge, fucking Markie all over the bed in every position he can think of, finally fucking the cum out of Markie from behind before pulling out and blasting Markie’s hole with his first gay load.

Markie More Rides Ricky Ridges' Bare Meat

Falling back on the bed, sweating and exhausted, Markie tells Ricky he’s sure he’ll be back for more. Ricky does not disagree.

Date: May 31, 2018

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