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Latin Raw Fuck: Justin Cross and Xavier Ryan

Latin raw fuck buddies Justin Cross and Xavier Ryan share a quiet morning together, looking at pictures from their social media accounts. But their budding romance is about much more than simply sharing info. The two get out of bed and get busy in the garage, beside a banana yellow convertible. And speaking of bananas, wait until you get a look at Justin’s cock! Xavier devours the curved, throbbing slab of twink meat though he does have some trouble taking it all down to the balls, which is okay because Justin knows exactly where it will fit in it’s entirety.

Latin Raw Fuck: Justin Cross and Xavier Ryan

First, he needs to lube Xavier. Burying his face in his fuck buddy/boyfriend’s ass — which looks quite yummy, framed in a black jockstrap — Justin rims Xavier, priming him full of spit and working his hole, prepping him for the bareback joy ride to come. Justin sprays his load all over Xavier’s ass and Xavier splatters what has to be the biggest cum shot of all time…all over the windshield! Now you know Xavier’s stepbrother isn’t going to be happy about THAT mess!

Date: June 3, 2018

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