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Axel Kane Bare Fucks Richie West

New Broke Straight Boys models Axel Kane and Richie West have intense and hard bareback session in their first raw scene together. They start fucking almost immediately. Richie moans as Axel fills him up, his ass stretching around Axel’s throbbing hard cock as he fucks him raw, pulling him to the edge of the bed and giving it to him harder and faster.

Axel Kane Bare Fucks Richie West

Axel holds Richie’s legs up, opening that tight hole up nice and wide as he slams into him with his bareback shaft until he can’t take that sweet ass anymore and pulls out to shoot his load onto Richie. He pushes his dick back inside of Richie’s sore hole and fucks him some more until Richie strokes out his own load, adding his cum to the mess on his stomach as Axel leans in for one more quick kiss.

Date: June 26, 2018
Gay Bareback Models: Axel Kane / Richie West

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