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Bobby Owens Fucks Hard Ari Nucci

Bobby Owens gives Ari Nucci what he loves – a good and hard fuck session. The tattooed model is very excited to ride Boby’s extra big dick and eat his cum. Before Ari’s ready to take a dick, these guys need to warm up first and Ari goes down on Bobby, deepthroating that dick and sucking Bobby’s balls as he gets Bobby all worked up. When it’s Bobby’s turn to deliver some oral, Ari lies back and enjoys the show, watching Bobby struggle to take his whole dick in his mouth and when he’s had enough of choking on Ari’s huge dick, he bends Ari’s legs up and shoves his cock inside him.

Bobby Owens Fucks Hard Ari Nucci

Ari moans as Bobby thrusts into him hard and fast, his bareback dick filling him up as Bobby moves Ari into different positions, seeing which way his cock feels best inside that ass as Ari takes every inch and begs for more as he gets fucked. When Bobby’s ready to bust, he pulls out of Ari’s sore hole and unloads his cock all over Ari’s face, then leans back while Ari reaches his own orgasm, stroking out his cum until he’s drained it all!

Date: June 26, 2018
Gay Bareback Models: Ari Nucci / Bobby Owens

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