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Raw Mormons: Elder Ormonde and President Olsen


This week our Raw Mormons update features a sexy, young Mormon Elder Ormonde. This cock addicted dude rides bareback President Olsen’ big, daddy cock. Elder Ormonde has a newfound passion for service and submission now that he’s been ordained into the Order. Just the thought of being overpowered and seduced by one of the handsome older priests is enough to harden his boy cock.

Raw Mormons: Elder Ormonde and President Olsen

President Olsen has heard of the boy’s passion for satisfying his leaders and has called him to the temple to experience his talents first hand. The horny missionary must do what the masked leader tells him, taking his large cock and toys up his tight hairy hole until he’s ready to seed him.

Date: July 2, 2018

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