Next Door Raw

Sprayed With Cum


Jay who’s stunning and 21 yr, is next door being fucked. All unedited footage, all shot in real time- so u can see it really is our spunk being used as lube for the fuck going on next door between Jay, 21 and sexy random RAW loving tattoo hot boy. Then we pour all that boy spunk into a cock shaped water pistol (only we could find a water pistol like this) all filming it of course for you!

You gotta see this fucking thing, it’s basically a dildo (sexy one at that) that needs force fucking into a lads hole and the trigger being pulled. No cleaver editing, what u see is how it went down, this clip is like proper legit. At the same time I got this hot as fuck 21yr lad next door about to get it on with a 9″ hung beautiful dirty minded tattoo lad. Fucking hot as fuck guy with a bio tattoo.

Date: December 20, 2018

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