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Johnny B Gets Fucked Raw By Marc Montana

Marc Montana will suck cock for his first time and Johnny B is the bravo. Dirk walks around on Johnny beating off in the room and teaches him that Marc will show up soon. Johnny is anxious to be his first as he sits stroking his cock sitting tight for him to arrive. At the point when Marc arrives he sees Johnny’s immense cock and soon his articles of clothing are off and the two of them begin some reaching. Johnny gets things going first as he warms up Marc’s provocative dick with his energized mouth.

He profound throats each and every hint of that throbbing cock with his capable mouth. Marc is venerating it and when Johnny asks with respect to whether he is readied Marc doesn’t waste at whatever point and bit by bit creases his virgin mouth over that tremendous thick cock progressively sucking on it and feeling the hardness of watches out for cock in his mouth. Marc Montana flips Johnny over and pushes his hard dick into his tight excited ass and begins to moan with enjoyment as Marc acknowledges that ass.

Date: June 10, 2019

Raging Stallion

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