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Sean Ford Gets Raw Fucked By Justin Matthews

Sean Ford likes when a big raw cock is plowing his ass and Justin Matthews is happy to do it for him. Sean truly enjoys Justin, whose staggering imperativeness and military hairdo have filled an enormous number of Sean’s fretful fantasies…and now they get fulfilled. While Sean kisses him and respects his strong body, Justin takes Sean’s belt and fixes it around his neck..just as Sean needs. He seeks after Justin’s bearings to nudge his cock in his briefs and suck it when it’s revealed totally hard and throbbing.

Sean Ford takes Justin’s pushes and with his tarnished talk and full scale cocksucking, ball-licking responsibility, he turns on Justin Matthews significantly more. The predominant top restlessly gives Sean similar oral joy and soon Sean can’t hold back..he needs to ride Justin’s cock. As he rides him Justin pushes in and they’re quickly in a condition of congruity. Justin’s cock a little while later find its goal so immaculately that he makes Sean cum hands free! He’s still hard as Justin turns him around to fuck him from behind.

Date: June 12, 2019

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