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Alex Mecum Fucks Cole Claire

Alex Mecum fucks Cole Claire in all positions possible. Cole is in wonder of hot Alex and his extraordinary body, yet Alex moreover finds a great deal to recognize in Cole in this muscle dream work out true to form. With a mirror giving them simultaneous exhibitionism and voyeurism, they make out and Alex lifts Cole up as a see of what’s to come. As Cole sucks him, Alex plays with his body and mutters sex banter with cause him to go. In any case, Alex turns up the glow by kicking back and watching Cole suck him in the mirror. Also, he allows Cole to watch himself too.

After a short time Alex coordinates his fixation toward Cole’s enchanting ass and tight hole which he edges and fingers…and allows Cole to observe it in that reflect. Alex tests further and makes out with Cole more as he assumes further duty regarding his butt. Finally Alex slides his raw cock into Cole who gets the twofold surge of significant fucking and watching it happen in the mirror. As his colossal body in every way that really matters overpowers Cole, Alex takes out and uses his cock to plays with him and drill him to the bed.

Alex flips Cole to suck him and after that wrinkle him on his back before rising to fuck him in mid-air. Cole is elated by Alex’s capacity and he goes from mid-air bottoming to riding his cock each course as Alex sits down. With Cole pierced on his cock he passes on him to bed to side-fuck him and soon the mirror bears Cole the point of view on Alex decimating out to shoot a thick weight over his hole. Alex makes a lively move to kiss him and as he does, Cole lets free with a huge weight that puzzles them both.

Date: June 26, 2019

Muscle Bear Porn

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