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The Bear Den: Julian Torres & Jack Dyer

Muscle bears Julian Torres and Jack Dyer fuck bareback for… Bearback. Julian Torres and Jack Dyer are sitting in the Bear Den and having a discussion about what it resembles being a piece of the bear network when they found they were a piece of this network and what turns them on about it. They at that point direct their concentration toward one another and start investigating each other’s shaggy muscular bodies. Jack before long has Julian’s lovely bushy whole cock in his mouth and he is adoring the pre-cum Julian is giving him. He at that point directs his concentration toward Julian’s lovely bushy ass and he edges him. Julian at that point pivots and sucks Jack’s huge hard cock. He at that point turns him around and gives back as he edges his ass. Julian at that point twists Jack over the seat and starts fucking him profound and hard with his cock somewhere down in his ass. Jack at that point places Julian similarly situated and fucks him much more profound and harder. Julian at that point puts Jack on his back and fucks him hard until Jack can’t keep down and Julian twists down and takes Jack’s heap in his mouth. Julian at that point encourages his own heap to Jack as he jacks his cum all over his hairy face.

Date: November 19, 2019

Muscle Bear Porn

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