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Chandler Scott Gets Barebacked By Jack Andy

Chandler Scott needs a big bareback cock in his cum hungry ass. Jack Andy is here to give Chandler his extra big, raw member. These guys look perfect together, and the scene is just WOW!

Jack Andy has been smacking Chandler Scott’s ass with his dick for hours while he was sleeping and now he as bruises on his ass. Jack is getting a kick out of it but Chandler isn’t to happy about it. Jack makes another joke to ease Chandler into the moment and it works. Chandler gives in and begins to blow Jack. Jack than rims his furry ass and slowly pushes his dick inside of him. Jack fucks Chandler slow and intimately making Chandler pop with enjoyment. Jack sees the cum and blows his load as well.

Date: December 8, 2019

Muscle Bear Porn

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