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Zion Nicholas Gets Raw Fucked By Michael Jackman

Zion Nicholas things that a rubber dildo is pretty enough to satisfy his hungry ass. But Michael Jackman things in a different way. He proves that there’s nothing better than a hard, raw dick.

When Michael Jackman catches Zion Nicholas getting a little too intimate with a random found dildo, he quickly realizes two things. The first is that Zion that likes dick, and the second is that Zion really likes dick, apparently. That’s all Michael needs to know to ditch out on their plan to clean the house. Chores can wait but clearly Zion’s lust for cock cannot, so Michael, ever the dutiful friend, does his part to help, taking Zion to the bedroom and letting him try out the real thing. Hopefully Michael has enough stamina to feed Zion’s insatiable appetite… he might just have to go more than once.

Date: December 12, 2019

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