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The Cum Dump – Part 1: Markus Kage & Jeremy

Seemingly out of nowhere, Jeremy London’s partner has just broken up with him via text message. His now ex-bae is dissatisfied by the lack of sex and excitement within their relationship. It’s over!

Newly dumped Jeremy is feeling more than a little betrayed, bitter, and angry. But he’s concocted a way to harness all that emotion into some truly tasty revenge. Over the course of three encounters and multiple anonymous loads, this jilted dumpee will transform into a total Cum Dump.

Markus Kage, a rugged, bearded stud Jeremy matches with on the PansMeet app, is at the ready to kick off Round 1.

Date: January 6, 2020
Actors: Markus Kage

Muscle Bear Porn

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