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Hung Young Brit: Talor Polish me

My traveller mates a right sleazy fuckka and wanted us to be Chaved up and Cum inside this Bornmouth beauty 🤩 His fucking arse man! such a beautiful round peachy bum – he could turn a st8 guy gay❗ Me & my pikey rude boi mate give him undeniable Spit roast – fucking him from both ends trying not to cum the whole time….obviously I didn’t last too long.LOL
Im WELL HOT FOR HIM 😍 I can’t control it. I get SO CLOSE Fucking that lads arse – Then can’t hold it any more and you see me go faster n faster till I wack it out all of a sudden & shoot a massive amount of cum right from the sec I pull out (no wanking it till it’s close or any of that) ITs well horny watching it back 👀

PUMPING it like 5 times, I instantly shove it right back it there His not given any rest- my pal spins 🚬 Smoking Chav boi around and the traveller prick rubs my LOAD into this 🇬🇧 British boys arse even more! ❣ watching my cum being fucked in him more- his left a proper cummy mess
This vid is so sick – We pass him from one to another throughout
I am training Mike up to be a 🎥 Camerman – His such a sex addict he can’t help himself 😝 and jumps in too (and who wouldn’t resist that Essesx dick)
Oh wow! LOW lit dingy effect looks so good and adds to its sleazyness
This footage has come out amazingly well

How This Came About: I didn’t know if he fancied me or not last time he was here…. I wanted him so bad but just didn’t make a move & he didn’t really make it clear BUT after he left the sexy stunner started msg me saying how he wish he could have sat on my dick and how he wanted me to fuck him till I came in his arse and all this dirty stuff 😜
He got used by us for over 20 mins and left 💦 So Spunky💦

I don’t know if ya know but I’m originally from a gypsy traveller community in Kent (you get good ones and bad ones, we are not all bad) in fact gypsys can be the most loyal of people in the 🌎 we had 🐴 & everything – I ran away from home when I was 16 n left all that behind me (but u can never really stop being a gypsy)

Date: February 1, 2020

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