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Joao Miguel & Rick Paixao – Flip Fuck

Mustached Latin lover Joao Miguel is grinding gonads with bearded Brazilian Rick Paixao, and his briefs can barely hold his pants-popping woody. This handsome bareback fucker needs to fuck and can’t wait a minute more. When Rick slurps down Joao’s fireplug-thick cock, Joao is practically howling to put that big dick in a raw juicy hole. Luckily Rick wants it just as bad. Joao pushes him roughly down to the bed and swallows his prick before sniffing and licking Rick’s hungry hole. A few gobs of spit and that ass is ready. Rick takes the position on all fours, then Joao kneels behind and drills in hard.

Rick’s butt is slammed full of thick juicy meat before he even knows what’s going on. He has to reach down and start stroking. Every pump hits his crack with a juicy wet smack. Rick straddles Joao and rides down on the massive pole as Joao plows up inside, faster and rougher. He grabs Rick by the thighs, hoists him up and down like a rag doll. But Rick has a trick up his foreskin sleeve, and mounts Joao from behind. Whatever gets his dick hard, Joao likes, and he’s moaning for dick like an alley cat! He strokes his cock while Rick licks the sole of his foot, and it’s all too much. Splat! Cum starts flying all over Joao’s perfect muscleman abs. Ricks gasps for air as he lies down and milks out his own sticky relief.

Date: February 1, 2020

Muscle Bear Porn

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