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Jay James Gets Barebacked By Legrand Wolf – Fun Size Boys

In this video fun size boy Jay James gets barebacked by big dick daddy Legrand Wolf. When Dr. Wolf walks in, he sees the cute boy sitting on his exam table. Immediately, the good doctor has his sights on him for more than just medical purposes. Dr. Wolf can’t resist Jay’s handsome face and lean, athletic body with his legs dangling off the edge, unable to reach the floor. Nothing triggers Dr. Wolf’s erotic imagination more than a little guy, and here was a perfect specimen!

The doctor is curious to see what is beneath the layers, prompting him to move right to the hernia check. He pulls down the boy’s shorts and underwear and gazes upon his manhood. His cock was large and hard, with two heavy nuts pulling it down. He could hardly contain his amazement, noting to Jay that he has quite a large member for such a little guy!

Jay blushes, flattered by the handsome doctor’s remarks. He looks up at Dr. Wolf’s friendly, playful eyes, feeling Dr. Wolf’s hands on his shaft, stroking him as the doctor works him over. In a moment of bravery and unsure of what to say, he asks, “how big are you?”

Dr. Wolf smiles, asking him if he wants to see. He takes off his white coat, unzips his pants and pulls down his underwear to reveal his own massive cock. Jay’s eyes widen, as if making them bigger would allow him to see all of his doctor’s monster cock in one look. And with that, he knew he couldn’t keep his desires to himself…

Date: February 5, 2020

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