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Carter Woods, Justin Matthews & Leeroy Jones – Raw 3-Way

Carter Woods, Justin Matthews & Leeroy Jones fuck each other’s ass & mouth in this raw threesome. With a pool hangout in the plans, you’d think Leeroy Jones would be much more relaxed, but as the guys change into their trunks, his anxiety is running high as he tries to hide the bulge in his pants. Justin Matthews sees what’s going on and tells Leeroy he doesn’t have to be ashamed of little wood. Then grabbing it, he realizes this isn’t just a little wood, but a great big boner. By now Carter Woods has gotten himself a handful and they both agree the pool can wait but this hard on definitely cannot, so they make their way to the bed and show Leeroy how friends help each other in situations like this. Justin and Carter take turns helping Leeroy out, trading blowjobs, and by the time Leeroy takes his turn fucking them both, he’s no longer the only one in the room with a rock hard dick. This is one cum fest that the whole group can sorely use.

Date: February 6, 2020

Muscle Bear Porn

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