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Scottish Lad Gets Fucked By Josh – Hung Young Brit

Josh takes cute Blair to him room & Sets the tripod up – He really fucks him – he comes from behind and bare hugs him whilst kissing his neck and ramming his solid dick in him
You can see josh cheeking him self out in the cam whilst doing him, it’s fucking hot. The Scottish lad makes so much noises that sexy. Essex Mike joins and he’s such a sex addict his def going to jump on the back of Blair’s arse and stick it him as well- and he does (I thought I was bad) lol 😆

Josh is in his eminent he well likes this Scot lad – is shoves his head towards the mirror so he can see himself barebacking that beautiful boy – his so fucking horny Blair, not his real name btw (no shit) wants Joshs cum so bad by then end his ACTUALLY BEGGING FOR IT. The way he moans when his taking it up the arse is so fucking horny his a proper Moaner. This all started cos I brought josh his own camera for his birthday 🎁 and a shit ton of Lego 🚙George’s HIT & TIP of the day: Joshs hobby is Lego building – He wants to be a professional Master Builder – If u wanna get to know josh buy him Lego cos it’s really expensive and he makes them so quick he always needs new sets and he will 🧡 you forever 4 it. Josh pokes his cock raw up him n spunks it over his arse- then shags it back inside it’s really filthy cummy dick.

Date: February 7, 2020

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