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Fun Size Boy Jay James Gets Barebacked By Legrand Wolf

Dr. Legrand Wolf removes Jay James’ clothes, stripping him down so he can see his full body. There was something special about seeing Jay naked on his bed rather than a cold medical table.

Without the formality of the office, Dr. Wolf could really get to know him personally and physically, embracing him as a lover and not just a patient.

Jay takes the large man’s cock into his mouth, worshipping its size and taste as it pries apart his lips. Dr. Wolf’s nuts hang low like a pair of eggs, weighing down his thick shaft as Jay sucks it deep.

Feeling Jay’s ass, Dr. Wolf can’t help but get harder, eager to feel himself in the boy’s hole again. Pressing his wet cock against the boy’s sphincter, he feels it tighten with anticipation. Jay breathes steadily, focused on relaxing his body and letting the giant inside him.

It doesn’t take more than a couple steady pushes for Dr. Wolf to find enough give in the boy’s hole to penetrate deep inside him!

Date: February 20, 2020

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