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Sean Duran Breeds Spencer Daley

Sean Duran is known for his hyper-masculinity and the bad boy looks, while Spencer Daley is known as the sweet boy next door with a big cock! They kiss and caress each other’s muscles, getting each other worked up for a hot, sweaty fuck.

Sean loves to have his cock sucked, feeling like the big man in charge while being worshipped and serviced by his boyish partner. Spencer is happy to swallow down his big meat, imagining it knocking around inside his ass. But before Sean can slide his raw cock inside, he flips Spencer on his back, spreading his legs apart to tongue fuck his tight pink hole…

Spencer moans for more, shaking as he prepares for the moment of penetration. With his bottom primed and ready, Sean mounts Spencer and pushes his big cock deep into his ass.

Spencer’s ass does all that it can to withstand Sean’s aggressive pounding, as he feels his cock leak precum, nearing the edge of his own intense climax!

Date: February 27, 2020

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