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Boy For Sale Jay James Barebacked By Master Ballard

Master Ballard finds Jay James just where he left him; inside his cage, locked up and secure. He loves being able to treat his boy like a pet, taking care of him and playing with him, all while knowing that every act is still about dominance. The young boy is instantly devoted to him, happy to see him and to worship his thick cock.

Ballard lets the boy out to service him, feeding him his manhood and watching as he’s quick to suck him off the way he likes. He’s trained the boy well, and now he can reap the rewards! He can barely take it all in his mouth, but Ballard has an alternate hole he can spread open with his big meat…

Putting the boy on all fours, he pries the monster cock between the boy’s tiny cheeks, pushing himself deeper and deeper as his boy yields to his presence. The slow adjustment to Jay’s hole turns Ballard on all the more, knowing that the slave boy is taking it all, hard and bare, even when it’s not easy!

Date: March 20, 2020

Muscle Bear Porn

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