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Mark Winters Barebacked By Anthony Divino

Still, Mark looked absolutely stunning in the warm glow of the sauna lights. His smooth skin was slick with sweat, showing every contour of his chest and arms, highlighting his handsome face and soft lips. Anthony Divino loved him dearly, but he couldn’t resist his animal attraction to him. As much as he loved to sit and sweat, he wanted to show Mark his love in return.

Divino guided the young man to his cock, bringing his mouth to meet the tip. Mark kissed it gently before opening his lips. His tongue circled the head, getting it wet enough for him to slide it deeper into his mouth. Mark salivated for the hard, sweaty cock, feeling his heart race as it had the first time he laid eyes on it.

Divino was so proud of him! He’d come so far and learned so much. He watched as he cupped his heavy balls in his hand while taking the thick dick toward his throat. He didn’t want to push him or coerce him in any way. He just let the young man do what he wanted—what he needed. Seeing the boy act on his own desires raised his cock up at least another inch!

Date: June 29, 2020

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