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Axel Breeds Ben Dovers

Sexy Latin hunk Axel has a hot one tonight. Bearded hipster Ben Dovers is all over him licking and nipping at his chest, rubbing his cock until he’s pitching a tent in his shorts. He shimmies them down and Ben takes the big tan cock into his cockstarved mouth while Axel flicks his nips. He pulls Ben up to his feet then pushes him down to the bed and beats his cock. “Ohh, fuck ME!” Ben growls as he perks his butt up into Axel’s face. Axel runs a juicy tongue up Ben’s crack and gets the twitching hole wet and slick.

Axel’s raw cock slides into Ben’s hungry hole like butter. He pumps his hairy tool into Ben, balls slapping against his buddy’s. Axel’s lean tatted torso ripples as he smoothly slips in to the root. But Ben wants to ride, props on foot up and grinds his ass onto the stiff pole. Furry ass bobbing as he fucks, Axel rolls him over and gives him all he’s got. “Cum on, make me cum!” Ben begs and Axel pounds a load out of him. Sperm splatters across Ben’s lean abs. Axel keeps drilling, then pulls out to shower his buddy with a sticky splash. “Omigod, that’s a lot of cum!” Ben says with a satisfied smile.

Date: October 15, 2020
Gay Bareback Models: Ben Dovers

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