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The Big C Men: Day 1 with Homowithahammer

Here is the long anticipated 29 minute video “Day 1 With Homowithahammer: Instant Connection, 3 Way Suck & Fuck”. This is the first in a series of vids to follow from our week with the ultra sexy Homowithahammer. He lives in Indiana, and we been chatting on Twitter for a while. After a few facetime sessions, he booked a flight out to stay with us for a week. We connected even deeper than expected, and it was a week of total paradise. Homowithahammer is 6’1, muscular, and verse with a sweet dick and ass. Aside from the insane sexual chemistry, we had a blast having him as our 3rd. I’m gonna try to get through these edits as fast as possible, since he has another trip scheduled for 2 weeks from now!! Enjoy! Cory & Jared

Date: October 24, 2020

Muscle Bear Porn

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