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Homowithahammer Takes Cory & Jared’s Morning Wood

Check out this SEXY, Cum Filled 15 minute Video “Morning 3 Way Fuck: Homowithahammer Takes Cory & Jared’s Morning Wood”. This is the 3rd video in the weeklong series featuring the sexy as fuck Homowithahammer. The 3 of us hit it off right away, so the week was filled with the most beautiful, authentic, erotic, and yes HARDCORE sex… Homowithahammer is 100% verse, and amazing at BOTH. In this morning session, we all wake up horny and Homowithahammer takes both our throbbing dicks. He even gets some DP before we all blow loads. His cumshot while riding me is absolutely insane!! The following morning, the tables were turned and both Jared & I bottomed out!!! Stay Tuned, posting that one next!

Date: November 3, 2020

Muscle Bear Porn

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