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Hung Young Brit: Roll up Reece

Fucking ‘Roll up Reece’s’ 🚬 mate ☘️ Shooting it up his arse on film
SO SO RANDOM – 💬 Reeves Scotish Verbal is Well Hot💬
We were all round my mates house in barbican
‘Roll up Reece’ (because his always skinning up)
Reece’s Drug dealer pops over to make a deal and get my load blown right up his arse !!
This guy was so Desperate to take it up the arse
We wouldn’t let him leave LOL he wasn’t too keen on being on film
But after a cheeky smoke he was fine with it -Even I had a-little smoke 💨 which is not like me 🤫 LOL (yeah right)
WOW this gezzer had got a ROCK HARD tremendous weighty cock ! The sleazy bastard was waring a fucking cock ring AAARRR So Horny
We both pin him down and hold open his arse hole 🕳 so I can toss one out and fill this filthy fucker up before he fucks off.
Wish he had got that Heavyweight nob up me! Maybe he will next time
If your reading this then please spare a thought for your local cum staving lad- these stunners are my friends and are desperate to get raw fucked n filmed by
ANYONE- the filthier the better- no limits – 🅱️ 🅱️ and cum play essential

Date: November 14, 2020

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