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Legrand Wolf, Master Knox & Boy For Sale River

As the winner of the auction, it was Master Knox’s duty to see River bred, having him claimed and inseminated as part of the transfer of ownership. Knowing the rules of the organization as he does, he knows it’s not necessary to be the breeder, just as long as River leaves with a fresh load inside.

He wanted to fuck River, of course, but something about seeing him so expertly used by another man turned Master Knox on far more. His devious voyeuristic desires needed to be sated, and this was the perfect chance to see River fucked in front of others. Executing his authority on his new property, he told colleague Master Legrand that he wanted to see him fuck River.

Legrand was surprised, but not resistant. After all, he knows well what River is capable of, and was more than happy to give his fellow master a thorough demonstration of his skills. Sitting back in his chair, Master Knox ran a hand over his swelling crotch as he watched River take the tall man’s giant cock out of his pants. And as he took it deep into his mouth, Knox knew that River was worth every penny spent on him…

Date: November 14, 2020

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