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Epic 5 Way: Big C, JJ Knight, Luke Truong, Homowithahammer & Bigdickfig

Here is the 20 minute Part 1 of the long awaited “Epic 5 Way: Big C, JJ Knight, Luke Truong, Homowithahammer, & Bigdickfig”. In this Part 1, all the boys arrive to our place and we get started in the pool. It was a beautiful sunny day, and I had heated the pool to a very comfortable 88 degrees. Our big dicks all pop up and we get to sucking, and sucking, and sucking. We head up to the new gym where we recently installed a badass leather sling. All the fucking is yet to come, with all sorts of crazy and surprising combo’s– Stay Tuned! 11-25-20

Date: December 5, 2020

Muscle Bear Porn

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