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Legrand Wolf Barebacks Scout Boy Mark Winters

Mark Winters has earned his pins and he’s eager to please, even as he cranes his neck up to Scoutmaster Legrand Wolf to kiss the much taller man. Scout Mark is already rock hard and his leader cups him with through his uniform. The boy moans as his cock and ass are inspected by the scoutmaster’s large, strong hands.

The boy releases Scoutmaster Wolf’s massive cock from his tight briefs and begins stocking and sucking him eagerly, cupping the man’s huge balls in his small hand. On his knees, Mark can barely get a few inches of his mentor’s cock into his mouth, but he looks up at the man for approval.

Mark is rewarded with the man’s tongue delving his tiny, virgin ass hole, followed soon by the huge head of his giant cock.

Mark immediately begins stocking himself and Scoutmaster Wolf admires the tightness of the boy’s hole as he crushes the virgin prostate and plows deep to the balls. Scout Mark can’t take his eyes off the man, looking over his shoulder at his role model through their combined groans and grunts.

Scoutmaster Wolf pulls out to drop a massive load of cum on the small of the boy’s back and ass. He wipes the cum into Mark’s ass crack and stuffs his cock deep one last time before kissing him for a job well done.

Date: January 4, 2021

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