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Austin L Young, Tim Armstrong & Max Sergeant

Austin has been auctioned before, but he never expected to be auctioned by his own father. For just shy of $1 million, Austin is delivered on his knees to Master Ballard, who instructs the boy to remove his clothing piece by piece.

Master Ballard has the thickest cock Austin has ever seen and it’s a struggle to take even half of it into his mouth. Master Ballard has other plans though, and he turns the boy around on all fours to press his giant wedge of man meat into Austin’s ass.

Stretched to new limits, Austin begs to be pounded, and sprays his chest and tight abs with cum just before his tight hole pushes Master Ballard over the edge. The man’s massive load squirts out of Austin when Master Ballard withdraws his huge cock with an audible pop.

Date: January 27, 2021

Muscle Bear Porn

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