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Scoutboys Cole Blue & Ian Levine Have Raw Sex

Two scoutboys enjoy raw sex! Cole Blue gently guided his companion over to a nearby tree, bending him over as he lowered his shorts. Ian Levine felt his heart race, knowing what Cole wanted. He wanted it, too, but he was nervous about taking something so big. Cole, however, knowing exactly what to do, gently eased his wet cock between Ian’s cheeks, feeling the head of his massive shaft kiss up against his tight hole.

Ian held onto the tree, trembling like one of its leaves, just waiting for Cole to push through his sphincter. Instead, Cole gently brushed the head up against it, teasing it and coaxing it, like he was trying to lull it into a relaxed state. Sure enough, Cole felt the boy’s hole become softer, easing up as it slowly began to welcome him inside.

With a shallow push, Cole felt the tip of his cock move its way in Ian’s hole, covering the head of his penis in a warm, tight embrace. He held it there for a second, feeling Ian’s racing pulse on the end of his manhood, pausing to give Ian a chance to become used to its presence.

Ian’s breathing became deeper and slower, feeling himself become braver as the fear of the penetration went away. Cole was inside him, even if just the tip, and he was fine. Better than fine. He wanted more…

Date: April 5, 2021
Actors: Cole Blue / Ian Levine

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