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Danilo Alemao Goes Balls Deep In Victor Mancini

You’d never believe that horny Brazilian barebackers Danilo Alemao and Victor Mancini just met, from the way they are going at it from the first kiss. When we say kiss, we’re talking tongues down each others’ throats, burying faces in each others’ underarms, with the erotic volume turned up to 11. By the time scruffy Victor tears himself away from Danilo’s chewy nipples and lies down to suck some cock, Danilo is already sporting a full-on stiffy. Danilo reaches down to give Victor’s dick a friendly tug, then plants his face firmly into Victor’s smooth ass crack. His tongue laps Victor’s hole and runs up to his tightly packed nutsack. Victor’s ass is wet and ready for Danilo’s big bare uncut cock. When Danilo kneels behind, there’s no resistance as his woody slides in balls deep. Victor arches his spine and backs into every hard thrust. He climbs on and grinds his booty down onto Danilo’s tool, bouncing and riding faster and harder. Once he reaches for his dick and starts stroking, it’s clear he’s about to get the load fucked right out of him. Danilo pulls out to splatter his sperm all over Victors tight round buns, then leans in to lick up every sticky drop.

Date: May 12, 2021

Muscle Bear Porn

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