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Austin L Young, Cole Blue & Tim Armstrong

Mr. Armstrong invites the tall boy onto the bed, offering up his free side as Austin cuddles close on the other. It feels great to have the two boys flanking him, both pawing at his jockstrap, eager to take out his daddy dick. He can’t deny them that satisfaction.

Pulling out his cock, the two begin taking turns kissing it and sucking it. Austin loves seeing his cousin take his old man’s meat in his mouth, knowing well what it feels like in his. The two boys are so close, and this is sure to make them even closer.

As much as Mr. Armstrong loves to have his boys devour his cock, he’s really interested in one thing: Cole’s sweet ass. The boy is a champion cocksucker, but it’s his amazing ass that Mr. Armstrong wanted to take for a spin. The thought of sharing Cole’s hole with his boy was everything to him. It was so rare for the two of them to top together, and Cole was the only one Mr. Armstrong wanted in that moment.

Putting Cole on his side, the older man lifted up his long legs to give his cock room to slide between his cheeks. Cole was distracted as Austin moved between his thighs to start sucking his cousin’s throbbing cock. The handsome young man was getting it from both ends as Mr. Armstrong filled his ass with his bare cock, pushing it in balls deep before beginning his steadily increasing pace of fucking.

Date: May 15, 2021

Muscle Bear Porn

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