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Legrand Wolf Takes Care Of Fun Size Boys Ian Levine & Cole Blue

Cole Blue was dressed in a simple jockstrap, perfectly comfortable in his nakedness as he came into the room. Ian Levine couldn’t believe how handsome he was, standing tall with a lean, athletic frame and long, powerful legs.

Ian watched wide eyes as Dr. Legrand Wolf began to feel Cole’s hole, commenting on how perfect it was. Ian couldn’t find fault with his assessment, noticing how it was beautifully puckered between his round, bubble-like cheeks. Ian felt himself getting turned on by seeing the tall man play with his ass.

Dr. Wolf pulled out a dildo, roughly the size of an average phallus, lubing it up as he explained to Ian that his anal cavity was capable of taking quite a lot and that he was going to prove it using Cole as a volunteer. Cole gave Ian a smile, happy to help.

Cole let out barely a whimper as it disappeared inside his tight hole. Dr. Wolf played it a little bit more, telling him that this is what it’s like to take a normal member. But knowing Ian’s concerned, he pulled out an even larger toy to better represent his own.

Ian thought the doc would take out the smaller toy, but instead, he slipped it in right beside the original! Ian’s mouth fell open, stunned by how easy Cole seemed to be able to take it! He was getting double stuffed right there on the table, holding his legs up as his hole stretched to swallow up the extra large object.

Dr. Wolf explained that Cole has had sex with many hung guys and has experienced a lot of deep dicking, and yet his body bounces right back! Ian was relieved, happy to know he might be able to do the same. And sure enough, Dr. Wolf thought the best way to show him was to get the boy a fuck of his own! Luckily, Cole was more than eager to assist!

Date: May 21, 2021

Muscle Bear Porn

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