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Masonic Boy Cole Blue Bottoms For Bishop Angus

Apprentice Cole Blue was greeted by Grandmaster Bishop Angus as he came to the hall. The beefy man had the remarkable ability to seem just as sexually powerful fully clothed in his crisp, clean white suit as he did when fully naked.

It didn’t take long for the two of them to find their privacy, away from all others. Blue came dressed appropriately in his shirt and tie, but Grandmaster Angus seemed more interested in stripping off his clothes than appreciating his respectful attire and manner. Blue’s loins were aroused despite his nerves, something of which Grandmaster Angus was keen to take full advantage.

Angus removed his suit, revealing his broad, furred chest. It made Blue’s mouth water and provided a perfect trail for his eyes to follow. Downward his gaze fell until he saw his prize: the thick, throbbing bulge in his undergarments.

The apprentice dropped to his knees, ravenously bringing his manhood to his lips. It tasted salty and sweet at the same time, dripping pre-cum from the tip and giving Blue a sample of his precious load.

The grandmaster didn’t spare too many drops in the boy’s throat. Once he was hard and wet, he turned Blue around, placing him on all fours, getting him into a proper breeding position. Like a bull saddling up behind his mate, Grandmaster Angus carried his broad, hefty body behind Blue, dominating him in size as well as in spirit.

Before Apprentice Blue could second guess his feelings, he felt the firm pressing of the older man’s cock up against his sphincter. In an instant, all of Blue’s reservations and hesitations fell away and all that was left was the feeling of the fuck. He was a vessel. A receptacle. A willing supplicant to his grand master, seeking only his seed…

Date: September 13, 2021

Muscle Bear Porn

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