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Scoutboy Marcus Rivers Bottoms For Jax Thirio & Dolf Dietrich

It turns out that Scoutmasters Dietrich and Thirio have both been inside the same boy. It’s not altogether surprising. These two, hung Scoutmasters have a penchant for young guys, and Marcus is a cute, sexy Scout who just can’t control himself when he meets tall, red-blooded, older men.

When the three of them go for a walk in the forest it’s ever likely that sparks are going to fly… and fly real hard!

Within minutes the trio become a seething mass of spit and pre-cum. The older men kiss, lick and suck young Marcus with passion and hunger while ripping off his uniform to reveal a deliciously tight, smooth body.

Marcus spends most of the encounter gagging on at least one of the older men’s rock solid dicks. The only question remaining is which of the Scoutmasters is gonna have first dibs on the boy’s ass…

Scoutmaster Thirio does the honors after getting the boy good and wet with his probing tongue. He slowly pushes his giant meat into the gasping, squealing boy’s tight ass, before starting to thrust.

Thirio and Dietrich take turns banging the boy whose hole becomes increasingly sloppy and loose with a sleazy combination of leaking pre-cum and saliva.

The sexual positions become more and more athletic. The two older men hold Marcus in their arms and bone him brutally, slamming every inch of their hefty dicks inside him.

Marcus is horned up and helpless to do anything but explode. Dietrich literally bangs the cum out of him. Marcus squirts huge shafts of semen onto the forest floor. Seconds later, Dietrich blasts his own creamy load deep into the boy.

Date: November 2, 2021
Gay Bareback Models: Dolf Dietrich / Jax Thirio / Marcus Rivers

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