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TwinkTop Marcus Rivers Drills Lance Charger’s Hole

Coach Lance Charger eyed Marcus Rivers as he sat and chatted with him. Marcus has been recommended for a number of recognitions and scholarship opportunities based on his athletic prowess, but Charger had to see what more there was beneath the player.

Marcus didn’t know how to impress the older man. His stunning, silver hair and tan, muscular physique were well known for making the other boys obsess. In many ways, Marcus was just the average, friendly student and athlete. But for Coach Charger, he saw potential in him… a lot of potentials.

The coach began to inquire about his interests and pursuits, finding Marcus being more or less unsure of himself. He tried to boost up his confidence, even commenting about how well his body was taking to the extra practices and exercises.

Marcus blushed, but he liked the attention he was getting. Coach Charger was idolized, so to get a compliment from him was no small thing. Marcus liked it so much he didn’t even bat an eye when the older man asked him to take off his shirt.

Marcus peeled off his top layer, giving the older man a look at his body. Coach Charger was always mentoring the boys on how to get bigger and stronger, but the way he touched Marcus, it was clear his interests were more than just athletic.

Marcus felt himself getting hard, aroused at the older man’s forwardness and approach. He had often wondered what Coach Charger looked like under his clothes, stripped down to his jock and whistle. He even fantasized about bending the coach over and giving his prominent muscle butt a deep kiss and tongue fucking…

Date: November 7, 2021

Muscle Bear Porn

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